Your partner has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer. You’re probably a little scared and a lot confused. You likely have many questions. Is he going to be okay? What’s the best treatment option? How is this going to affect our relationship? How can I get the information I need?

To help you understand what’s happening and to give you what you need to navigate the next few weeks and months, we’ve created this booklet just for you.

It will give you information and tools to help you communicate with your partner and create a plan together for treatment strategies, managing the treatment and living well during and following treatment. Most importantly, you’ll get wisdom and advice from women who have been in your shoes and know what you’re going through right now.

Dr. Rajiv Singal, MD, FRCSC
Endourology and Urologic Surgery Head,
Division of Urology, Toronto East General Hospital
Lecturer, Department of Surgery
University of Toronto